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满枷锁的心 一个人的世界要藏着多少的秘密。


Basic Make Up Tips

I bet every girl and woman loves make up, so do I! Who doesn't want to looks good? To me, make up is important for some occasions, because my confidence boost up immediately with a slight touch of make up. But before having all the make up on, be sure that you did the correct foundations to avoid your skin gets too dry. OR if you're a beginner who always want to have a try on make up but didn't know where to start from, here's some basic make up tips for you to be aware of.

#1 Discover your Complexion 

The first make up tip for a beginner all revolves around your complexion. This is important because without knowing your true skin tone it will be hard to choose a foundation base which can blend in.

#2 Moisturize

You should always moisturize your skin before applying any make up on, whether you are dry skin, oily skin or a combination skin. You will want to look fresh and not have make up that cracks dry on your face.
Tip: If you have an oily or a combination skin, choose a mist or a gel based moisturizer instead of cream based.

#3 Sunblock/Sunscreen

This is the thing that i wouldn't have missed it everyday! If you don't want your face full with freckles, you should always have your sunblock/sunscreen on. Whether you're in the house or you're outside the house, UV is all around us. *You can choose the matte based if you want to avoid the stickiness of the sunblock.

#4 Primer

Primer is actually how you can keep your makeup looking fresh and stay on all day. It smoothes out the skin's surface and reduces shine caused by sebum. This is crucial for those who needs to works all day or have to be meeting people for hours.

#5 Lipstick/Lip Gloss

After all, applying a tint of lipstick will definitely enhance your features and makes you looks fresh all day. Choose the colors like nude, peach or baby pink which suitable with your skin tone. If you're not a huge fan of lipstick, you can go for the lip gloss.

That's all for this. 
I hope this could gives a better understanding on the basic make up to everyone of you!
Cheers xx



對不起 我不知道我是那麼的懦弱 我一點都不灑脫 一點都不瀟灑。到底是什麼把我和之前的性格通通都反過來了?
我痛恨自己這個樣子 總是胡思亂想 總是為了小事流淚 我厭倦這樣的我。其實我都知道總有一天你會對這樣的我覺得很厭倦 很不耐煩。或者 其实已经开始了...
說真的 我明白有誰會想要在工作的時候已經那麼累了 還要看著我一副天天在為小事 有的沒的而不開心的樣子?
以前的我呢?以前可以很開心的我呢?其實我很累 我很累每一天要面對這樣的自己。
對 當我看見你這樣說 我腦海出現的就是以前的我。感覺上我們可能會調換角色了 不好受 但是我知道不應該阻止 我不應該那麼自私。我沒有怪意。不開心 一定會有 但是我知道我需要時間去習慣這一切。或許這是我的懲罰?報應?
其實我都知道我再這樣繼續的情緒化會影響你 所以有時候不說出來是因為不想因為小事而煩你;不說出來是因為這是小事我應該自己解決。
但是情緒化開始越來越嚴重 很可怕。
明明自己有多不開心 還安慰別人說要開心。多諷刺。


Phuket Trip

After so long, finally here's the trip with the 38-po's'. It just a 3 days 2 nights trip to Phuket. The day before flight, slept for only 2.5 hours because our flight was 7.25 in the early morning, exhausted...

So we booked Baan Yin Dee Boutique Resort for our stays. Basically is for 2 persons' room, but it is definitely a spacious room for 2.

Lunch @ Thai Restaurant after checking in.
Went to visit Upside down house, cost 250 baht per person for the entrance.

Show time. Simon Cabaret and so called 'ah-gua shows'. It costs us 650 baht per person. The show not bad thou.

Day 2, going to island hoping day. Visited the famous island, Phi Phi island. Feeling excited when we are otw to there, but at the end what I saw is just.....
The crowds is insane! I don't see any beautiful scene but only peoples all around. So what we can do only selfie around...

They provide us fruits, biscuit and also soda, mineral drinks during the island hoping too. How caring...

After few hours of island hoping, back to the resort to swim with macam yes's picture.
Beer by the pool...
And day 2 ended like this...

We also went to para sailing at the last day of our trip after checking out.

Last meal in Phuket.

Even though there's nothing much fun in Phuket but with you girls, we created our own fun between us. Hopefully there's another trip with you girls in the future...

Till then.

Stay Strong


its been sometime since the last post, and its already second month of year 2015 now. time flies...

just got to know that my bff just broke up weeks ago. yea, its gonna be really hard time for her to get through right now. I'm just been through it last year, i know how it feels, and i know how it kills... i wish to help her out but in fact the only thing to help her is her, herself. I just hope she will be fine really soon. if you're reading this. stay strong, we will been through with you!

ever since i been through everything, i learned. i learned to be independent and not to rely on someone too much and too over. yea, things always be so easy when you think and you say. in fact, nope. when i know i started rely, but still i force myself so hard to be independent. you never know, this is the hardest thing ever, and the suffering thing ever. what to do? because you don't wanna the same thing happen on you again.

till then, i will continue with my new post soon which is my trip.


或许可以说比起之前的工作 这一份工作的见识不一样了。遇见的人也很不一样 太多了。
也因为这样 开始想了。这样没日没夜的生活到底要维持多久?这样的一份工作 要打多久?
外面的诱惑太多 太大了。无可否认 我知道自己是一个怎样的人 一份这样的工 不可能会满足我。每一件想做的事情都必须想清楚。
太多的诱惑 我好想要有突破 但是却不知道从哪里开始。 想要成功 却也不知从哪里开始。或许 成功还离我很遥远...

Working Life, Part II


Finally I've back to working life again after half year. Sounds crazy but true, I've not been working for half year already until i met this job. Needless to say, it is not design job anymore. I was so struggle about this job because they don't even care if you have any cert to enter, and it just paper works. I just dislike the feelings.

Until i really found the interest in this. I wouldn't have to worry that I couldn't think of any design, I wouldn't have to counting the time day and night. My time passed real quick when I'm working. I'm more likely prefer and enjoy this more than the previous job which I'm always feel so free and just surfing net to pass my time or until I assign to any work. But, I still love to do design, I just hate the thinking part. Since it been half year I stopped working, I will just work for this until I meet a better job.

This is the very first time, first job I have to OT, just the second working day we started OT. The latest one, 11.30pm. Somehow, sometime I really enjoying that.

No idea why, it seems like I'm working construction instead of office work. Since I started this job, my hands and legs won't stop from getting injured. This is the one really pain my ass off.

Hmm, I guess I'm done with the update for my working life. Will be back here again, hopefully. Life is gonna be busy, and I enjoyed it.

Good night world!

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